Tapper RIPS Biden’s Afghan Address: 'Full of Finger-Pointing and Blame'

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 16, 2021
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On Monday’s edition of The Lead, CNN’s Jake Tapper probably put it best when he said that President Biden had to be “forced” to make a public statement about his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which left thousands of Americans and allies trapped in Kabul and scrambling for their lives.

Immediately after Biden delivered his address and left without taking questions – to return to the vacation the world so rudely interrupted – Tapper called out how the president had to be rhetorically dragged to address the American people.

You've been listening to President Biden speaking at the White House, forced to talk about the worsening crisis in Afghanistan, forced to speak to the nation after the calamity of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan,” he said.

Tapper further chided Biden by noting how “this foreign policy and humanitarian disaster” caused by the president’s incompetence “proves to him that he made the right decision.” And pointed out the ridiculousness of the fluctuating troop numbers.


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