Tapper Blasts Cuomo for Hiding Nursing Home Deaths, Trump 'Not an Excuse'

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 14, 2021
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During Sunday’s State of the Union, CNN co-host Jake Tapper broke with the rest of the Zucker-controlled network and issued a full-throated condemnation of Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo; following a bombshell New York Post report exposed how the Governor covered up the COVID deaths of nursing home residents. It came after CNN had largely ignored the growing scandal for days.

The Post report and an Associated Press report about Cuomo’s deadly decision both dropped on Thursday even. But CNN refused to cover either of the stories until Saturday’s New Day, with Tapper’s televised editorial on Sunday as the first rant against the network’s favorite governor. And unsurprisingly, Tapper eventually parleyed his Cuomo comments into bashing Senate Republicans.

“We just saw a small but respectable number of politicians willing to break with their partisan allegiances and criticize an intimidating leader in the face of loss of life,” Tapper touted at the top of his closing segment. After noting he wasn’t talking about the Senate Republicans who voted to convict President Trump, he told viewers he was praising Democrats.


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