Sunny Hostin: US Is Worse Than China Despite Genocide, Ghana Is Best

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 28, 2023
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The anti-American rhetoric flowed like a river on Tuesday’s edition of The Views as ABC co-host Sunny Hostin proclaimed that America was worse than China, and suggested the American prison system was worse than China’s genocide against Uyghur Muslims. She went on to assert that she “felt real good in Ghana” because she wasn’t a minority.

Racist Hostin’s anti-American screed came in response to a segment where they reacted to an unspecified poll that supposedly showed only 38 percent of Americans said patriotism was important to them.

“It's the notion of patriotism and the notion of America and the American flag has been co-opted by the right as if they are true patriots,” Hostin sneered at conservatives, before suggesting they all were “white supremacists” and “the biggest domestic threat of this country.”


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