‘This Story Is Not Over!’; Kooky Malcolm Nance Goes Full-Blown X-Files on Collusion

Curtis Houck | May 30, 2019
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Someone call Mulder and Scully because MSNBC contributor and raging lunatic Malcolm Nance wants to learn your ways so he can find the Trump-Russia collusion that he believes is still out there. On Wednesday’s Hardball, Nance did that in showing frustration with Special Counsel Robert Mueller for not declaring there to have been a criminal conspiracy, going as far as to screech that “this story is not over.”

“What really gets me about this whole denial of conspiracy, that — that the evidence that he had did not rise to the level of criminal conspiracy was, there is evidence where they were actually involved in the pathway leading to criminal conspiracy,” Nance opined, blasting Mueller from the left.

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