Stern Trashes Trump in CNN Interview: 'I Wish He'd Go Into Psychotherapy'

Ryan Foley | May 28, 2019
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During an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper Monday night, radio host Howard Stern did not hesitate to criticize President Trump, who appeared on his radio show multiple times as a private citizen. A portion of the interview aired on Monday's edition of New Day. According to Stern, President Trump's "level of narcissism is so strong and he has trouble with empathy," adding "I wish he'd go into psychotherapy. I'd be so proud of him if he did and he would flourish." Cooper egged him on by asking "are you worried about the country?"  Stern answered in the affirmative, trashing the President's immigration policies by using the standard left-wing talking points about the Statue of Liberty and how his grandparents would likely have not been admitted under merit-based immigration.

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