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Stephen Colbert to the Lord on Trump: ‘How Could God Let This Happen?’


<p>[See <a href="…; for more.] Liberal CBS host Stephen Colbert is still not over the election results. On the most recent Late Show, he wondered aloud how God could &ldquo;let&rdquo; Donald Trump win. This is the same man who freaked out on Tuesday night, blurting, &ldquo;What the fuck is happening?&rdquo; During Wednesday&rsquo;s monologue, Colbert lamented, &ldquo;I&#39;m a man of some faith, but when bad things like this happen like this&mdash;&nbsp; and this does feel bad&mdash;&nbsp; I have to ask, how could God let this happen?&rdquo; A skit followed in which Colbert talked to a clueless &ldquo;God.&rdquo; The deity rambled, &ldquo;Oh, yeah, the election. You must all be real excited about the first woman president. You&#39;re welcome, America.&rdquo;</p>

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