Stelter Ranks U.S. Among China, Belarus as Worse Press Jailers

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 27, 2021
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***The complete post is on NewsBusters***

In a stark example of just how detached from reality folks in the liberal media can be, CNN media beat reporter Brian Stelter actually tried to place America among a list of the world’s worst press jailers for 2021. The list included the likes of China and Belarus and was presented on his Reliable Sources Sunday show by Committee to Protect Journalism executive director, Joel Simon.

Before lumping in America with countries without press freedoms, Stelter had Simon go through who was at the top of the list. “Well, China is the number one jailer of journalists. And China perennially tops this list,” he said.

The top five were bookended with Belarus. “Belarus where the -- where the ongoing crackdown on independent media and civil society as Lukashenko clings to power in that country. Journalists are being caught up,” Simon recalled.


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