Stelter Laments Raise of Bubbles, Echo Chambers

Alex Christy | November 12, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] If there is anyone who is not in position to lament the raise of bubbles and echo chambers, it is anyone who works at CNN, but that didn't stop Brian Stelter and CNN Right Now guest host Pamela Brown from doing just that on Thursday.

Stelter was talking about President Trump and his supporters' relationship with Fox. Stelter, whose dislike of Fox led him to write a book, decided that Fox is no longer state-run news, "[Trump] is angry at Fox and so are some of Fox's loyal viewers, they're angry Fox called Arizona for Biden early on, they're angry Fox has rightly identified Biden as the President-Elect, and so Trump and some of his fans are lashing out on social media."

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