Stelter Defends CNN, Chris Cuomo: 'A Lot of People' Have 'Sympathy' for Him

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 8, 2021
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Sunday’s so-called Reliable Sources was the first real public statement CNN had put out about what they regarded as the “Chris Cuomo Conundrum,” as their chyron put it. Host Brian Stelter downplayed Cuomo’s massive breach of journalistic ethics and proclaimed there was a lot of “sympathy” for him at the network. He even suggested their non-punishment was punishment enough for Cuomo and dismissed anyone trying to hold him accountable as “bad-faith actors” spouting off “nonsense.”

Stelter started off by noting Cuomo’s silence on his brother’s sexual and criminal misconduct scandals that he inserted himself into. He defended CNN’s ethically-compromised decision to allow Chris to interview Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) during the early days of the pandemic because it “was an unprecedented time period.

He essentially admitted that CNN was intentionally embracing Chris’s role in the Cuomo family scandals as a naked and shameless ratings play.


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