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Staunch Evolutionist Dr. William Provine Explains the Logical Consequences of Darwinian Thought


<p>Atheist and staunch evolutionist Dr. William Provine (who is often
quoted by Richard Dawkins) admits what life has in stored if Darwinism
is true. The quote comes from his debate <a href="; target="_blank"><em><strong>here</strong></em></a> with Dr. <span class="yt-uix-expander yt-uix-expander-collapsed playlist-metadata-row playlist-description"><span class="yt-ui-ellipsis-wrapper">Phillip E. Johnson at Stanford University, April 30, 1994</span></span>. </p><p>

(Posted by: <a href="; target="_blank">Religio-Political Talk</a>)</p>

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