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States’ Rights: CNN Smears Federalism as Purely of Tool of Racists


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In addition to all but agreeing with President Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” nickname, CNN’s exclusively liberal panel thought Thursday was a terrible debate night for Vice President Joe Biden because of a heated exchange he had with Senator Kamala Harris (CA) over federal busing in the south during the civil rights movement. According to the panel, the idea that states had the right to make laws for themselves that differed from one another was a travesty with its roots in racism.

Despite the fact that federalism was something liberals embraced during the age of President Trump, especially regarding climate change regulation and late-term abortion laws, liberal commentator Van Jones decried “states’ rights” as something racists wanted (Click “expand”):

VAN JONES: Let me just say as an African-American, why that was just unacceptable. That very argument was the argument that was used that the federal government should leave us, to abandon us to the good graces of racists all across the country. And if the local racists want to abuse us, leave us out, not educate our kids. not let us vote, that's the local decision.

So, he just took the heart out of the civil rights movement with that argument. Our plea was that we are one country. The constitution applies to all of us, and we want the federal government to stand with us and against the local racists. And so for him not to understand that -- and here's the other thing. My heart breaks about it at a personal level because all he had to do was say, “you know what? I think I was wrong there.”

If he had just said, “you know what, Kamala? I think I was wrong then, and I've learned something, and I've learned something from talking to people like you.” It would have been a beautiful moment for him and for the country, and he threw it down the toilet based on egotism and nonsense and it was a heartbreaking moment.


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