STATE MEDIA: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Bizarrely Claims Biden Big Winner In NH

MRC Latino | January 24, 2024
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JOY REID: If New Hampshire is the avatar for what independent voters want and would choose, you know, given the option, given the fact anyone could play in that independent side, Nikki Haley beat Donald Trump among independents by something like 40 percentage points. That is not a good sign for a sitting -- a former president of the United States who, again, wants to be seen as president. Yes, he will beat her in South Carolina. But let's not forget one of the things that Joe Biden did was to remake the calendar such that he was not on the ballot in New Hampshire. Still mopped up Dean Phillips in New Hampshire, when he wasn't even on the ballot, as a write-in candidate. Yes, Donald Trump will likely win South Carolina, Nikki Haley’s home state. Joe Biden might win it by more. Because that state is built for Joe Biden, just like on the Republican side it's built for Donald Trump. So tonight, the winner, if you want to look at all of the metrics for a general election, the winner tonight is Joe Biden. Who won in New Hampshire decisively as a write-in, who's going to win decisively in South Carolina. And the story that Donald Trump thinks he's going to get out of South Carolina, Joe Biden will get one of equal value to him. And in the end, he’s got a better story to tell in November, ‘cause he’s not facing 91 criminal counts.