‘Spinning Once Again’: Fox News Calls Out Media’s Revolving Door With Dems


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With President-elect Biden stocking up on staff to fill his cabinet, we’re already starting to see the revolving door between politics and the liberal media begin to turn again. Fox News Channel media analyst and host of Media Buzz, Howard Kurtz was on the case Tuesday night as he pointed out the men and women of The Swamp who were leaving the CNN and MSNBC payrolls to go work for Biden. Of course, he also pointed out the hypocrisy of how Fox News was criticized with President Trump.

“As Joe Biden starts to staff his administration, the revolving door between media and politics is spinning once again,” Kurtz reported at the top of the Special Report segment.

He would go to note that it was considered normal for former politicos to get jobs as analysts and commentators to provide an insider’s perspective, but now “more of them seem to move between the media, where they can resemble a government in exile and Democratic administrations such as the one now taking shape.”

Beginning his rundown of who had made the jump from media talking head to Biden official, Kurtz called out CNN’s Trump attacker turned Secretary of State nominee Tony Blinken.


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