‘Speeding to Put Out a Fire’; MSNBC Panel Defends Comey Breaking DOJ Policy

Curtis Houck | August 29, 2019
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The stench of the Swamp was on full blast in the A-block of Thursday’s Hardball, thanks to MSNBC host Chris Matthews and assorted guests defending former FBI Director James Comey in the light of a scathing report from the Justice Department’s Inspector General that said he violated DOJ policy. But for these MSNBCers, it was justified because of their hatred for President Donald Trump and that Comey broke rules to help the liberal media.

Matthews boasted of “Trump the avenger” in his opening tag to describe a President who “wants the entire Russia and impeachment drive burnt by its own flames.” To Matthews’s credit, he quoted from the IG report before knocking Trump’s reaction, but that was a low bar.

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