Speaker McCarthy Scolds CBS’s Brennan on Her Double Standard on ‘Election Deniers’

Brent Baker | January 30, 2023
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On Sunday’s Face the Nation, U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy scolded host Margaret Brennan when she pressed him to explain why he’s given committee posts to Republican members who “denied the results of the 2020 election,” demanding: “Why are you elevating people who are denying reality like that?”
McCarthy countered: “If you want to hold Republicans to that equation, why don’t you also hold Democrats? Why don't you hold Jamie Raskin, why don’t you hold Bennie Thompson?”

McCarthy was referring to Raskin of Maryland who challenged Florida’s 2017 electoral college vote for Donald Trump and Mississippi’s Thompson who in 2005 challenged George W. Bush’s electoral college vote in Ohio.

McCarthy continued: “When Democrats had appointed them to be chair, I never once heard you ask Nancy Pelosi or any Democrat that question.” Brennan dismissed his point, falsely saying the objections by the Democrats occurred in 2000: “You’re talking about things going back to 2000 which was a time, I didn’t have this show back then, which is why I’m asking you now about your leadership.”

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