Spanish Nets Misreport Harvard Study on Hurricane Maria PR Death Toll

MRC Latino | June 10, 2018
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JORGE RAMOS, UNIVISION ANCHOR: We begin our program with the tragedy in Puerto Rico. Remember when the government used to say that only 64 people had died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria? Well, that seems to have been false. A new study from Harvard University indicates that the true death toll was 4,645. How can such a difference be possible? Who got it wrong? Who hid the true death toll?


JULIO VAQUEIRO, TELEMUNDO ANCHOR: At a vigil in front of the Capitol, located in the island’s capital (San Juan), relatives of the deceased demanded that the government tell them the truth. The (Rosselló) Administration reported that 64 people died as a result of Hurricane Maria. However, a recent study from Harvard University calculated the toll to be 4,645.

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