Soulless Joy, Sidekick Mystal Become Unglued Over SCOTUS Abortion Case

Curtis Houck | December 2, 2021
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Wednesday’s The ReidOut was a episode to behold as MSNBC host Joy Reid was beside herself over the Supreme Court’s oral arguments about Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban, calling it a warning for all “166 million women living in America” that the Court could “reduce you to a secondary constitutional citizen” and force them to “leave the babies on the doorstep of the firehouse” by refusing to treat pregnancy as seemingly just shy of a nuisance on society.

And matters were made worse by The Nation correspondent and frequent MSNBC guest Elie Mystal, who ghoulishly claimed “a fetus is not deserving of full personhood rights” because doing so “diminish[es] the rights of women” yet hilariously (and inadvertently) made accurate summations of pro-life arguments and painted them in terms that seem entirely normal.

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