‘Sometimes Controversial’: CBS Offers Weak Interview With Omar


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It might have been football Sunday, but CBS and Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan offered up slow-pitch softballs to anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (MN). Downplaying her guest’s “sometimes controversial” comments, Brennan asked simple questions that allowed Omar to freely make excuses. Of course, Brennan ignored Omar’s raging anti-Semitism.

As part of the so-called squad she has drawn a considerable amount of attention for her progressive and sometimes controversial views,” Brennan said of her guest as Omar was being introduced. Brennan’s first question was about whether or not she felt “Speaker Pelosi is being too hesitant” with President Trump’s impeachment.

Moving onto Omar’s “sometimes controversial” comments, Brennan brought up a recently released video of Omar comparing U.S. immigration officials to slave traders. Of course, CBS rolled over and accepted Omar’s weak and convoluted explanation (click “expand”):

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