Someone Need a Hug? MSNBC Panel Loses It Over ‘Racist,’ ‘Violent’ SCOTUS Ruling

Curtis Houck | July 1, 2021
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Thursday was a less-than-stellar day for immature and venomous charlatans like MSNBC’s ReidOut host Joy Reid due to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Arizona’s election integrity laws, so it was only natural Reid and a cast of characters melted down over the ruling as a “racist” and “violent blow against democracy” that proved the centrality of “the Big Republican orthodoxy” that legalized the banning of Black Americans from voting.

Always one to engage in dangerous hyperbole full of incitement, Reid began her latest grievance-filled segment by calling the ruling a “another violent blow against democracy by upholding two restrictive Arizona voting laws” on ballot harvesting that was “the latest notch in the belt of Chief Justice John Roberts.”

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