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Someone Had a Bad Day: Matthews Suffers Epic Meltdown Over Supreme Court’s Travel Ban Ruling


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

This is what having an awful, no good, very bad day looks like. MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews unleashed two separate tirades on Tuesday against the U.S. Supreme Court and decisions of theirs he doesn’t like in light of their decision to give President Trump “[t]he Good Housekeeping seal on his campaign to divide the country and approving his travel ban crudely aimed at Muslims.”

Of course, Matthews didn’t acknowledge the instances in which the Court made liberal decisions within the last few decades, such as the various ObamaCare rulings, halting the Arizona immigration law, striking down DOMA, and then legalizing same-sex marriage. But he couldn’t let that get in the way of his fear-mongering. 

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