Smug Former CBS Producer Appears on CNN to Trash 'Taliban' Christians'

Scott Whitlock | March 15, 2012
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A liberal, NBC smugfest invaded CNN on Wednesday. Former Today co-host Meredith Vieira appeared with her husband, journalist Richard Cohen, on Piers Morgan . Cohen railed against Christian conservatives as the "American equivalent of the Taliban." In another segment, CNBC regular Donny Deutsch, who guest hosted for Morgan, bashed "vicious bully" Rush Limbaugh.

Deutsch began a discussion on Republican chances in 2012 by playing a clip of a new Planned Parenthood ad attacking the GOP. Cohen, a former producer for CBS and CNN, smeared, "You know, they remind me of sort of the American equivalent of the Taliban. You know, they want to drag women back to a different point in time." His wife, a longtime anchor at NBC, didn't refute this attack.