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Smug Former CBS Producer Appears on CNN to Trash 'Taliban' Christians'


<p>A liberal, NBC smugfest invaded CNN on Wednesday. Former <em>Today</em> co-host Meredith Vieira appeared with her husband, journalist Richard Cohen, on <em>Piers Morgan</em>
. Cohen railed against Christian conservatives as the "American
equivalent of the Taliban." In another segment, CNBC regular Donny
Deutsch, who guest hosted for Morgan, bashed "vicious bully" Rush
Limbaugh.<br />
<br />
Deutsch began a discussion on Republican chances in 2012 by playing a
clip of a new Planned Parenthood ad attacking the GOP. Cohen, a former
producer for CBS and CNN, smeared, "<strong>You know, they remind me of
sort of the American equivalent of the Taliban. You know, they want to
drag women back to a different point in time</strong>." His wife, a longtime anchor at NBC, didn't refute this attack.&nbsp;</p>

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