Slate Boss Salutes Irresponsibility: "I'm Glad BuzzFeed Published It"

RichNoyes | January 14, 2017
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On CBS This Morning: Saturday, Slate editor-in-chief Jacob Weisberg saluted BuzzFeed's decision to disseminatea 35-page dossier of smarmy allegations against Donald Trump. Weisberg admitted that the document was composed of "gossip" including some which is "not true," but nevertheless "I'm glad BuzzFeed published it because I got to read it."

Establishing a lowest common denominator standard for journalists, Weisberg rationalized: "It was circulating in Washington, it was circulating in large parts of the media, it was circulating in the intelligence community....At some point, you say everybody's talking about this document, we have to know what's in it....I think it being out there is beneficial to the public and really to the country."

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