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SJ Mayor can't answer whether Maduro is a dictator


JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: Very well. My question, Mayor, is whether you believe that Nicolas Maduro is a dictator and should leave power.


CARMEN YULÍN CRUZ, NATIONAL CO-CHAIR, SANDERS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Humanitarian aid cannot be used as a political instrument which is what, in fact, Donald Trump is doing with Puerto Rico, and that the solution to Venezuela’s problems has to be a conversation solution, not a confrontation solution, born from the Venezuelan people.


RAMOS: I understand but, what do you think, Mayor? I don’t know whether you believe that Maduro should leave power.


CRUZ: What happens, Jorge, is that this is used in Puerto Rico as a political tool in order to talk about the people of Puerto Rico, and I’m not falling into that.Other countries, like Uruguay,have spoken…


RAMOS: But it seems to me that asking you whether Maduro should leave power or not is a legitimate question.


CRUZ: The question is legitimate, and my answer is: Venezuela should solve Venezuela’s problems.

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