SHOCK: Rare Display Of Faith At Univision

MRC Latino | March 21, 2020
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JORGE RAMOS: Before we cut to commercials, let’s see, Collins. Show us what you’ve got in your left hand.


RAMOS: When we started the broadcast...María Antonieta at the commercial breaks...she wipes her hands, she takes care of herself…

COLLINS: We’re in the at-risk group, and I’ve got the Bible here, it helps also.

RAMOS: Oh yeah?

COLLINS: Well yeah, here it is.

RAMOS: Tell me now, which...what part are you reading?

COLLINS: Psalm 91.

RAMOS: Is that...about plagues.

COLLINS: from (verse) 5-7 it’s got two paragraphs there. Very important.

RAMOS: Do you remember any or not?

COLLINS: Yes. Um…  no pestilence will harm you, nor plague that approaches, nor arrow that flies, a thousand will fall at your right hand, ten thousand around you, but it will not touch you. 

It’s a matter of faith.

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