Sheriff Clarke Slams ‘Liberal Mainstream Media’ for Backing ‘Black Lies Matter’ Movement


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<p>Joining fill-in host Shannon Bream on Thursday&rsquo;s<em> Kelly File </em>to comment on the latest shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke demanded that<strong> &ldquo;the liberal mainstream media&rdquo;</strong> stop their charade as<strong> &ldquo;the propaganda wing&rdquo;</strong> of the Black Lives Matter movement that Clarke has dubbed the <strong>&ldquo;Black Lies Matter&rdquo; </strong>movement.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Clarke first commented on the<strong> &ldquo;very unfortunate&rdquo;</strong> shooting of a nine-year-old girl in Ferguson and how little outrage has seemed to have surfaced regarding this event before arguing that<strong> &ldquo;this is exhibit A&rdquo;</strong> of why he has <strong>&ldquo;renamed this movement from Black Lives Matter to Black Lies Matter because this movement tries to make it seem like the police are the problem.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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