She Went There: Maddow Laments ‘Partisan Implications’ of ‘Bad Weather’ for Georgia Election

Curtis Houck | June 20, 2017
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Folks, you had to know it would happen. When it became clear on Tuesday that Georgia Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff was going to blow tens of millions of dollars and lose to Republican Karen Handel, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow suggested that heavy rain in Georgia had “partisan implications” that affected the special election.

Speaking to MSNBC elections guru Steve Kornacki, Maddow offered this spin/sad excuse for her snowflake viewers: 

Steve, let me ask you one last question on this. If there was a turnout effect from the bad weather today in the district, does that have any partisan implications that you could foresee in terms of what was expected for same day, election day voting rather than the early vote?