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'Shades of Pyongyang': MSNBC Hypes HuffPost's Military Parade Claim


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<p>During MSNBC&#39;s 20 January 2017 coverage of the inauguration, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow played up a report from the Huffington Report claiming that President Trump&#39;s transition team requested military hardware for the inaugural parade. Matthews wondered, &quot;Wouldn&#39;t that look like a little shades of Pyongyang?&quot; Maddow added, &quot;It would be a little Red Square to do that.&quot; Minutes later, Maddow revisited the supposed request for a &quot;Red Square-style show of military force,&quot; and lamented, &quot;It&#39;s embarrassing &mdash; to be the only president with no public service or military experience being the one who wants to most show off the military.&quot;</p>

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