Senator Toomey SCHOOLS NBC on 'False Narrative' of 'Voter Suppression'


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While the liberal media pushed lie after lie about the Republican Party trying to “roll back voting rights” in an effort to “target” minority voters, Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania stepped into the breach during Sunday’s Meet the Press on NBC and told them off. He told them it “makes a lot of sense” to verify the identity of a voter and called out Democratic efforts to nationalize our elections.

After talking about gun control and the Senator’s background check bill, NBC political director and moderator Chuck Todd tried to brush over Democratic nationalization efforts to make the conversation about Republican support for a new Voting Rights Act. And he did so by highlighting a soundbite Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock (D) falsely suggesting the GOP was against voting rights.

“I want to separate HR-1 from the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Do you believe there is enough—there are ten Republicans to do an updated version of the Voting Rights Act, something that used to be fairly easy to get done in a bipartisan way? I know the issues with HR-1, and I'm trying to separate the two. Where are you on this,” Todd ridiculously asked.


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