Scott Pelley Lectures: Unhappy Trump ‘Mad at Not Being the Boss Anymore’

Scott Whitlock | February 17, 2017
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[See NewsBusters for more.] CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley on Friday diagnosed that Donald Trump is simply “mad at not being the boss anymore.” He also lectured the President about how ObamaCare repeal legislation should work. In a condescending tone, Pelley offered, “I think he's mad at not being the boss anymore.... He has to answer to the Congress. He has to answer to the courts and the only thing Donald Trump done in his life is run a private family company.” During the Obama administrations, most journalists weren’t interested in restricting power of the executive. That, apparently, has changed. Pelley was delighted with the struggles Trump is enduring: “This is what the Founders had in mind when they created the system of checks and balances. They wanted the president, the Congress and courts to be mutually constrained. He isn't boss anymore.”

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