Save The Snowflakes - Greatest Hits!

Eric Scheiner | July 28, 2017
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We’re only months into the resistance, but it’s not too late to remember the early days of how it all started, with Save The Snowflakes greatest hits!

Featuring – Inauguration Day with No!

Hit’s like - I Have Some Feels!

Chart Topper Miley Cyrus, with So Sad!

Now you fill your safe space with the great sounds that will echo throughout your head until the end of time.

From the latest craze on campus to the latest nationwide hits, Save The Snowflakes has them all.

Including the latest from CBS’s Faith Salie – We’re All Snowflakes.

All of this great music supports a great cause, $1.00 of every order will go to the “Save The Snowflakes” organization -getting crayons, bubbles, stuffed animals and coloring books and sending them to snowflakes everywhere in need of help dealing with hurtful words and opinions.

To find out how to Order ‘Save The Snowflakes greatest hits’ on download, vinyl, or compact disc, log on to and reserve your copy today.