Savage: John Oliver BURIES Matt Lauer: ‘Sophisticated Manhattan Sex Monster’

Scott Whitlock | March 1, 2019
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[See NewsBusters for more.] HBO anchor John Oliver may be your standard entertainment liberal, but even he can see the awfulness in the way ex-Today host Matt Lauer treated women. In a segment deriding psychics as low rent scam artists, the Last Week Tonight host mocked Lauer as “sophisticated Manhattan sex monster.” Oliver showed a clip of so-called medium Tyler Henry talking to Lauer on the Today show. In the clip, Henry mentions how the NBC host’s dad liked to fish. Lauer reacted as though this was a revelation, calling it “phenomenal.” Oliver ripped, “Yeah, phenomenal. It's clear that Matt Lauer is touched there, and this time, he didn't even have to pressure a subordinate into doing it.”