Samantha Bee Jumps on Board the 'Defund the Police' Movement

Ryan Foley | June 13, 2020
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Left-wing comedian Samantha Bee jumped fully on board the "defund the police" movement on Wednesday's edition of Full Frontal. After describing the implementation of body cameras as "weak tweaks," Bee proclaimed "there is something we can do. We can defund the police." Bee proceeded to recite left-wing talking points about how "defunding the police means we can scale back police budgets over time, which will allow us to relocate to things that actually keep our community safe; like education, mental health care, affordable housing, and violence prevention programs." Responding to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's proposal to cut $150 million from the LAPD, Bee complained "it's still not enough," noting that Garcetti's proposed cut "still gives the department $1 billion." Demonstrating naivety, Bee announced that "crime rates have been steadily going down since the 90s," failing to make the connection that tough on crime policies caused the drop in crime. At the end of the segment, Bee urged viewers to go to her website to "get more information on movements" to defund the police in a variety of major cities and contended that "defunding the police isn't a far-fetched idea."