Sam Bee: With Trump Gone, Political Comedy Is About Having ‘Fun,’ ‘Exploring Ourselves!’

Scott Whitlock | June 22, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] If you had any doubt that modern late night political comedy is a corrupt, hack-filled enterprise, Samantha Bee on Tuesday is proof positive. Appearing on CBS This Morning, the TBS Full Frontal host exclaimed that, with Trump gone, hosts can just have “fun” and they can focus on “exploring ourselves.” Holding Joe Biden to account with political mockery is clearly not on the agenda. Talking to CBS guest host Michelle Miller, Bee cheered, “I have to say that post-Trump it is so much more fun to do the show.... The transition was so -- it was so effortless for us. It was just chef's kiss. We're having so much fun doing the show, we're going to wild places. We're doing all this stuff.”