Sad Trombone: CNN’s Libs Gets Depressed Looking at Virginia Results

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 2, 2021
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Moments after Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe delivered his sad speech about how Virginia needed to count every vote, CNN’s mostly liberal panel was obviously depressed. And their despondent spirit only sunk lower as they reluctantly realized that Virginia and possibly New Jersey were rejecting their brand of divisive politics.

“Terry McAuliffe, not giving a concession speech at this point, but saying keep counting the votes because every vote counts,” host Anderson Cooper announced right after McAuliffe spoke.

Liberal commentator Van Jones was back (after smearing Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin) trying to tout McAuliffe, but even he relented. “He's the Energizer Bunny of the Democratic Party, but it looks like his is – this may be the end of his career,” he lamented.

And as he began the rudimentary autopsy of what went wrong, Jones admitted McAuliffe rubbed parents the wrong way.