Ryan Loses It Over Lemon Admitting Hillary Made Mistakes Costing Her the Election (Pt. 2)

Curtis Houck | September 14, 2017
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Lemon ruled that Trump had a litany of pitfalls that he created, but “he took them head on” while Hillary Clinton didn’t. Ryan was livid at this notion of personal responsibility, repeatedly declaring that “[a]s a woman, she couldn’t.”

Lemon seemed exasperated and paused the debate for Ryan to explain herself:

LEMON: Wait. Whoa, whoa. Why not, April? 

MICHAEL ISIKOFF: It is not what she did. 

LEMON: Why not? 

RYAN: You know. Women are held to a different standard in politics. 

LEMON: That is true. In all field, but you could go on. 

RYAN: Let me say — yeah, but, in politics I remember when she ran against Barack Obama the first time. They were talking about we don't want you to sound shrill. We want you to sound — we want you to say — keep your voice — It was so many different things that she had to worry about. And in this interview with Anderson Cooper, we saw she was laid back and wasn't worried about being upbeat and gentle yet kind but strong. She was herself and there’s a difference for women in power versus an everyday person or a man. She had to be this woman, wasn't shrill, who wasn't trying to be boisterous or be over his head. 

LEMON: I think that is people wanted, April. I think that’s what people wanted her to do.