Ruhle Hypes PBS Doc That Conspiratorially Alleges Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

Alex Christy | October 21, 2020
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Leftist journalism professor, also former professor of African-American studies, and PBS documentarian Jelani Cobb, who once previously declared that it is undeniable that President Trump is a racist, joined MSNBC Live's Stephanie Ruhle on Wednesday to talk about his new Frontline documentary that purports to have highlighted a massive voter suppression scheme in Wisconsin.

Ruhle began by hyping the doc as an real election fear in contrast to Trump's made up fears, "President Trump has been very outspoken about his “fears” of voter fraud, his fears that have no fact behind them. But the bigger issue in November will be voter suppression. This year more than 1 million ballots are set to be rejected by election officials, and that is the best case scenario in a pandemic. It is all part of the new PBS Frontline documentary Whose Vote Counts, it looks at the history of voter suppression and how it’s impacting key states."

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