Robert De Niro: ‘We Have a Wannabe Gangster in the White House Now’

Brent Baker | April 22, 2019
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President Trump is a “wannabe gangster,” actor Robert De Niro charged on Friday’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He’s a “D.D.,” the star of the Godfather movies mused, “a disappointed dunsky. That’s what he is. He’s a dumbbell, in other words.”

Two years ago, at the Tony awards in June of 2018, De Niro sunk so low as to use the awards stage to crudely denounce President Trump: “I’m gonna say one thing: Fuck Trump. It’s no longer ‘down with Trump.’ It’s ‘fuck Trump.’”

De Niro’s latest remarks, on the CBS late light show, came after host Colbert brought up how De Niro is making another gangster movie with Martin Scorsese, who directed the Godfather movies. 

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