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Rich Lowry Rips Media for Analyzing Sharpiegate Like the 'Zapruder Tape'


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After a week of President Trump and the media battling over an outdated and edited projection map of Hurricane Dorian, which had been dubbed “Sharpiegate”, National Review editor Rich Lowry humorously ripped that media on Sunday for their obsession with the story by suggesting they’re like conspiracy theorists “analyzing this with the detail of the Zapruder tape”.

Before even directing the panel to discuss the called off peace negotiations with the Taliban at Camp David, This Week host and ABC chief anchor George Stephanopoulos wanted them to discuss “Sharpiegate”. “What I don't understand is sticking with it for seven days after that. What is that about,” he desperately asked former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

“[T]his President has shown over and over again that he believes that admitting mistakes is admitting weakness. And I don't think it's hard to understand to him -- people seem mystified by this. And I'm mystified by them,” Christie quipped.


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