Reuters Decries Cuba's Anti-Communist Protests Over COVID Risk, Nets Move On


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While the liberal media disregarded the spread of COVID during Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020, on Wednesday, Reuters couldn’t stand watching the people of Cuba protesting against communist oppression and crying out for their freedom. And despite the fact that Cuba’s authoritarian regime was rounding up journalists and there were still solidarity protests in South Florida, the broadcast networks were done covering the story.

Cuban protests risk exacerbating COVID-19 spike,” chided Reuters reporters Aislinn Laing and Vivian Sequera in their headline. “Protests in Cuba will increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission because of an already high level of cases and the more contagious Delta variant, health officials said on Wednesday,” they added, citing the Pan American Health Organization.

They also noted that besides wearing a mask and washing their hands, the PAHO “urged Cubans and tourists visiting the Caribbean nation to avoid crowds…” “The gathering of individuals for protests... increases the risk of transmission, in particular in cases such as Cuba where you have active transmission in many areas over the last week…” said one official.


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