Rep. Goldman, on MSNBC: Trump 'HAS TO BE ELIMINATED'

MRC Latino | November 20, 2023
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PSAKI: So- there’s been so much speculation, contemplation, discussion of what Trump wanted to do, what he knew or didn't know. I mean, do you think, as a prosecutor, former prosecutor, this is something that could be useful in the case against Trump? How it will be used? 

GOLDMAN: Yeah, welI… I mean, look. He says “I would be well received” because he knows the people who were there are his supporters who he riled up and incited to invade and riot at the Capitol and try to disrupt the proper accounting of the Electoral College votes. So every time he talks, he's putting himself into a bigger criminal hole. But that's not his objective. His objective is purely political, at this point. Politics don't work in the courtroom, as I think he’s finding out in the New York Attorney General's case in New York, the civil case. And that's going to continue in his criminal trials. But his rhetoric is really getting dangerous, more and more dangerous. And we saw what happened on January 6th, when he uses inflammatory rhetoric. Now, in his recent Truth Social post is incredibly, incredibly scary for anyone that might be trying to work in government. And it is just and unquestionable at this point that this man cannot see public office again. He's not only unfit, he is destructive to our democracy and he has to be- he has to be eliminated.