Reid, Hill Smear America As Racist For Caitlin Clark Popularity

Alex Christy | June 8, 2024
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When MSNBC’s Joy Reid plays the race card, it is usually over typical progressive grievances, but on Friday, the eponymous host of The ReidOut came up with a new one: men’s favorite women’s basketball players. For her and The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill, nobody is jealous of Clark’s popularity because she is white and straight, but it is why America likes her.

The genesis for the segment was a week-old controversy over a cheap shot foul from Chennedy Carter on Caitlin Clark. Reid was not pleased with the discourse that followed, “It's a misogynistic and race-based tale as old as time. Men picking sides for no reason … Jemele, okay, which is it, it is hateration or a legitimate beef by black players, black women players?”

One of the men Reid was denouncing was Charles Barkley, who is black. Speaking of narrative busters, after the game, Carter went on an immature Twitter-liking spree where she liked posts applauding what she did.

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