Regime Media Unable To Say Morehouse Grads Turned Their Backs At Biden

MRC Latino | May 19, 2024
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HALLIE JACKSON: And, Aaron, President Biden was where you are at Morehouse College in Atlanta today to deliver a commencement speech. Given what we’ve seen at other graduations, any protests?

AARON GILCHRIST: Well, this was a speech that was mostly well received here at Morehouse, Hallie. In his salute to the class of 2024, President Biden talked about faith, and leadership, and democracy among other things. He also faced the Israel/Hamas war issue head-on, calling for an immediate cease-fire and the return of the hostages taken by Hamas. He also said he supports peaceful protests and told the graduates, “I hear you”. Now, a handful of graduates turned around in their seats during the president's remarks. Others wore symbols of support for the Palestinian people. The class valedictorian did not directly address President Biden, but he did call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza as well. Hallie.

JACKSON: Aaron Gilchrist. Thank you.