Regime Media Help Push Biden’s Border EO, Fake ‘Shut Down’ Narrative

MRC Latino | June 5, 2024
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DAVID MUIR: But we do begin tonight with President Biden taking drastic action on immigration and on the U.S./Mexico border. Strictly limiting the asylum process set to close the border to migrants crossing illegally when asylum numbers hit more than 2,500 along the border in between legal ports of entry. The president saying he had no choice but to take executive action, because he says Republicans in Congress rejected the bipartisan bill they negotiated themselves in the Senate, containing many of the very reforms Republicans had been demanding. They rejected it at the urging of Donald Trump. Of course, immigration and crossings at the border, a key issue in this presidential election. So, the question tonight, how soon could the border be shut down? ABC's Rachel Scott leading us off at The White House tonight.

RACHEL SCOTT: President Biden taking sweeping executive action to address the crisis at the border, announcing plans to strictly limit the asylum process in a move that will temporarily close the border to migrants crossing illegally, at midnight tonight.

JOE BIDEN: I've come here today to do what the Republicans in Congress refuse to do -- take the necessary steps to secure our border.

SCOTT: It comes after Republicans in Congress rejected a tough bipartisan border deal at the urging of Donald Trump, who wants to run on the issue. Under today's new executive action, when migrant apprehensions average 2,500 a day over the course of a week, the asylum process for people crossing illegally would automatically shut down.