On 'Real Time,' NYT's Blow Contrasts Trump Base With 'The Rest of Us Who Are Sane'

Ryan Foley | June 8, 2019
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Not surprisingly, Bill Maher and his panel had few kind words to say about President Trump and his base on Friday's edition of Real Time. One of Maher's guests, New York Times columnist Charles Blow proceeded implied that President Trump's base is insane: "we center his support and his base to a degree that is not healthy for the rest of us who are sane and are looking at this through...the normal prism of morality and character because they are not."  In other words, Blow just called the Trump base insane. Another one of Maher's guests, Clint Watts, trashed President Trump for violating the holiest commandment in the religion of liberalism: "Thou shalt not criticize Robert Mueller," adding "I think his base knows, I think his base knows that that's the wrong answer." Watts's comment came after Blow argued that President Trump's base sees him as a folk hero and therefore allows him to get away with behavior that they would not ordinarily tolerate.

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