Reagan Speechwriter Drops Truth Bombs on Lib ‘Meet the Press’ Panel

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 17, 2021
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With President Biden’s massive spending agenda falling apart in Congress (his own party’s infighting was seeing to its failure), former Reagan speechwriter, New York Post columnist and Commentary editor, John Podhoretz dropped some inconvenient truth bombs on Meet the Press’s liberal panel of mostly media types. Meanwhile, the panel spent much of their Sunday discussion on NBC lamenting how Democrats just couldn’t get things together.

Podhoretz’s first truth bomb came in the form of calling out how Biden was trying to pass his sweeping agenda when he didn’t have a mandate from the American people. “If misreading a mandate is a sin in politics, pretending that you have one when you don't is a mortal sin,” NBC political director, Chuck Todd said, reading from the writing of Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report.

According to Podhoretz’s retelling, Biden was essentially tricked into believing delusions of grandeur that he could be a great American president. He and Todd actually had a little bit of a laugh at Biden’s expense as Podhoretz contrasted him to President Johnson.


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