RCP's Wegmann Calls Out White House Hypocrisy on China vs. Georgia Boycotts


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Capping off another week of repeated non-answers and outright lies, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was caught in another liberal double standard. Thanks to Real Clear Politics's Philip Wegmann, Psaki made clear the administration was opposed to the MLB All Star Game being in Atlanta, Georgia due to the state's voting law (which the MLB has since said it will comply) but will refuse to offer support for a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China due to the country's putrid human rights record.

Wegmann was one of the final reporters called on (as the briefing ended in part due to the shooting at the Capitol) and he used the chance to ask a simple question about China now that the left has made attacking Georgia a top objective:

And then, you know, the President has voiced his support for MLB making a decision on about the All-Star game in Georgia, I wondering when can we expect a final determination from the President about the United States participating in the Beijing Olympics given that he said the Chinese president doesn't have a democratic bone in his body.

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