Ramos Continues To Platform Puerto Rico Separatists

MRC Latino | July 3, 2019
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ILE: I never expect anything from the United States Government, but it is clear that Donald Trump doesn’t care. He cares much less than anyone else would. I believe that this has been well established. It makes me very sad to see that there are people in Puerto Rico, since we are so warm and like to welcome everybody, well that there would be people in Puerto Rico who welcome such a cold individual; but at the same time I believe that, since the Puerto Rican masses want to be part of the United States and I think that many don’t really know, in depth, why they want to be part of the United States, I believe that, on the other hand, it’s also good to have face to face an individual so obviously cold and insensitive towards us


ILE: So that the lack of interest that they have towards us as Puerto Rico is shown.