Ramos and Miranda discuss Hamilton, leave out threat of union violence

MRC Latino | December 27, 2018
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JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: As an artist, is your sole duty to create art, to do musicals? Is that your only obligation, or is there a political part that your father and mother refuse to let you cast aside?

LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA: Well, my job is to follow the inspiration, but I believe that the activism that I do comes from that same place. Because the idea that won’t leave me alone is the same as the cause that won’t leave me alone.


MIRANDA: You know, when I marched with the Immigrants Belong Together, Families Belong Together March, that was because the images that were out there would not leave me alone, they would not let me sleep on Father’s Day (in the United States).

RAMOS: Art and politics go together?

MIRANDA: I think the impulse to do something, whether it comes from that...it, it has to come the idea or the cause that doesn’t leave you alone.     

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