Off-the Rails: Van Jones Declares GOP Convention a ‘Hate Fest’


<p>During CNN&rsquo;s coverage of the Republican National Convention on <em>America&rsquo;s Choice 2016</em> on Monday, panelist Van Jones went off the rails and declared the whole event an unabashed &ldquo;hate-fest.&rdquo; &ldquo;<strong>What I will say is this. Up until now, up until this moment, I was not saying borderline hate-fest. This is hate-fest,</strong>&rdquo; Jones declared after his fellow panelists called him out for going beyond the pale with his description of the convention and what was being said on stage.</p>

<p>Jones started off slow by stating, &ldquo;<strong>I feel that what&#39;s happening right now is the opposite of positive.</strong>&rdquo; He was absolutely shocked that the GOP would talk about people who were killed by illegal immigrants. &ldquo;<strong>I think taking that approach is very very dangerous,</strong>&rdquo; he warned, saying they were painting folks with a broad brush. And as would be expected Jones used the classic racist tag on the speakers, &ldquo;<strong>That is the definition of bigotry.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>But Jones&rsquo; fellow panelists didn&rsquo;t let him get away with it. Author S.E. Cupp countered Jones&rsquo; representation of the convention by reminding folks of the Democrats&rsquo; exploitation of Cindy Sheehan, who protested President George W. Bush after her son was killed in Iraq:</p>

<p><strong>And I think, everyone remembers Cindy Sheehan, and how she was used by Democrats, at conventions to get people elected, and, Code Pink. I mean, this is what happens when serious issues are being discussed and debated. And when people are trying to convince voters to move in a certain direction. This has not been a hate-fest. Even by Donald Trump&rsquo;s standards. </strong></p>

<p>Jones may not have a problem with the Democrats&rsquo; use of Sheehan but he was &ldquo;<strong>very uncomfortable</strong>&rdquo; with the speech given by Patricia Smith, whose son was killed in the Benghazi attack. &ldquo;<strong>I worry about exploiting grief,</strong>&rdquo; he said, while claiming he prays, &ldquo;<strong>she can find some peace and that we don&#39;t politicize her pain.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

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