Race Obsessed Joy Reid Proclaims 'Yes, Ron DeSantis has BANNED COLOR!'

Michael Wnek | June 6, 2024
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MSNBC host Joy Reid faced her greatest nightmare during Wednesday’s episode of The ReidOut. She described Republican movements in several states attempting to revive traditional values, warning about the apparent tragedy that would result should these standards be restored in society. And despite being the one who sees the world in the racial tones of black and white, she ridiculously claimed a GOP governor “banned color.”

Reid first launched into a rant constituted by a series of oversimplified representations of Republican policies and values, explaining how they spelled out “manufactured culture wars [that] are nasty work. They’re undemocratic and extreme.” She also claimed that former President Donald Trump’s administration resulted in a massive loss of rights for American citizens:

Under Trump, Americans have lost more rights than they have gained, because to the MAGA party, the woman's rightful place is in the home making her husband a sandwich. Immigrants should go back to where they came from. All college students should be white. And queer folks should hide in the closet, like in the good old days.

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